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2022-2023: Our 1st FULL Year of Stats!!

We can't even describe how elated we are, to finally be able to bring you our FIRST, FULL year of exclusively Clover Leaf Midwifery statistics!

28 families began and completed their care with Clover Leaf between July 2022 - July 2023.

Vaginal Deliveries:

26 people delivered vaginally - 92.8% !!!

21 of these were home births! This accounts for 75% of all those that began care, planning a home birth.

6 water births.

2 had previous cesareans (VBAC).

15 people delivered with an intact perineum!!

2 people had minimal-to-1st degree laceration that did not require suturing.

2 had 2nd degree laceration that required suturing, 1 was born at home and 1 was born in the hospital.

0 episiotomies performed.

Cesarean Deliveries:

2 people delivered by cesarean - 7.2%

1 was due to a surprise breech in labor in hospital

Transfers from Home to a Hospital - 9 total - 32%

4 - Antepartum (before labor). These absolutely amazing moms transferred for things like pre-eclampsia/hypertension, non-reactive biophysical profile, pre-term labor and intrauterine fetal demise by cord accident.

3 - Intrapartum (during labor). These incredible moms transferred for exhaustion/pain management and augmentation for pre-labor release of membranes.

2 - Postpartum (after labor). These super strong mamas transferred for retained placenta and uterine inversion.

0 - Newborn transfers!!

0 - Maternal or fetal/newborn deaths

More fascinating statistics:

6 families were repeat clients!

3 families were THREEpeat clients!!

3 newborn resuscitations, without need for transfer due to great APGAR scores!

Largest baby was over 10 pounds! 10lb2oz / 4592g (yes, this was a vaginal delivery!)

Biggest baby born at home was 9lb2oz / 4140g

Smallest baby born at home was 5lb11oz / 2600g

1 wild velamentous insertion placenta - This is where the cord inserts into the membranes, rather than into the disc of the placenta, as is normally seen.

1 gestational diabetes diagnosis - perfectly controlled through diet & exercise and delivered at home without any newborn complications.

1 mama required an external cephalic version (successful), for breech presentation after 37 weeks and was able to deliver at home.

96% of mamas were still nursing their baby at 6 weeks postpartum!

Of all the babies born with Clover Leaf Midwifery, exactly HALF were girls (14) & HALF were boys (14)! Although, it really didn't feel like it was that evenly split.

We have wholly treasured this year, just the two of us, serving all of our fabulous families. Providing the most personalized, focused care in your home, earning your trust and establishing exceptional relationships with our families; not only keeps us going, but allows us to practice safely & gently across the board, so that we may continue to report numbers like this, with more families like yours. We are so thankful for everyone's support and we're looking forward to many more years of fantastic stats!!

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so proud of you both and what all you have accomplished!!! can’t wait to be a repeat with baby number 2 someday ❤️

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