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the clover leaf midwifery team

ashleigh carr
Co-Owner, Student Midwife, Manager Extraordinaire

As co-owner and office manager/book-keeper/midwifery student at Clover Leaf Midwifery, I juggle many hats on a daily basis, but my main goal is to keep our ship running smoothly in whatever way I can be of service. After spending 15 years working in the financial sector, and an incredible home birth experience with Erica, I decided to follow my passion and heart into birth work. I believe the way we birth shapes the way we view ourselves and the parents we become. How can I help empower you?


When I am not working, I spend most of my time with my family. I have been married to my sweet and supportive wife for nearly 8 years and we have two gorgeous - though exhausting! - children. A teen daughter that reminds me how uncool I am almost weekly and a tiny hulk of a son who believes cleanliness is for suckers. Camryn, Madison and Royce are my pride and joy and easily my greatest achievement to date! We love to travel, eat all the food and watch movies together.



- I do all the things to help the midwives, clients, and overall business stay on track!

- I wanna be a midwife too!

- I’m married with two children - born 10 years apart. Your girl is T-I-R-E-D.

- This a dream come true for me. How can I help you achieve the birth you’re dreaming of?


erica lea barclay
lm, lmt

Co-Owner, Midwife

Hi there! I’m Erica and I am a Licensed Midwife and Co-Owner of Clover Leaf Midwifery.  I’m also the proud mama of two gorgeous girls and happy wife to my hubby, Bradley. 

    My interest in midwifery began shortly after the home birth of my eldest daughter, Charli Samantha. I was working as a massage therapist for a local chiropractor, who encouraged me to research home birth midwives after I expressed my goal of achieving a natural birth.  I was deeply transformed by my home birth.  But the experiences of a few friends who were also pregnant at the same time, affected me enough that my mother suggested the idea of becoming a midwife.  So after completing all of my pre-requisites, I began the direct entry program at the Florida School of Traditional Midwifery when Charli was only two years old.  

    I received the bulk of my training with Tree of Life Birth & Gynecology in Orlando while pregnant with my youngest daughter, Everette Jaclyn.  After becoming licensed in May, 2016, I began working for Barefoot Birth, where I had been catching babies and caring for amazing families, for 6 wild years. 


    I’m very passionate about providing gentle and inclusive care for all families.  I’ve had the privilege to participate in training on racial justice/cultural sensitivity, newborn medications, postpartum mood disorders and obstetrical emergencies, with plans for many more! 

    My life outside of midwifery may be a tad limited ;-) But you can generally find me baking sweet treats, riding rollercoasters at Universal and playing video games or watching movies with my family!  I also really enjoy watching Evers perform at her gymnastics competitions, even though I’m super nervous at the same time!  While I’m driving to home visits and births, you can pretty much guarantee that I’m listening to various non-fiction audiobooks, paranormal or true-crime podcasts (SSDGM!). Be sure to check out our very own podcast, Midwives with no Lives! 

hana jane jacobsen

Social Media Content Creator & Marketing Manager

As the content creator and manager for Clover Leaf, what you see online from January 2024 onward, is my creation! ✨Truly, a dream job! 


I had spent the last 6 years working in corporate America in positions that never fit who I truly am as a person. After having one of the best first home birth experiences of my entire life with Clover Leaf, they really saw me for who I am and the skills I have. They took a chance and allowed me to transition from that corporate 9-5 to this freeing, fun, and creative space. I feel HONORED to be part of this beautiful team and honestly what feels like family. 


If I’m not posting in real time or planning future content for these Queen bees, you can find me spending time with my hubs, sweet baby boy, and our corg. We love spending time at the beach & pool…or anything outdoors really, taking trips to Disney, trying new foods and restaurants, and spending time with the friends and family we have in the area. Feel free to follow my little life on my personal IG account @hanajacobsen 🥰

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