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Oh my where do I even begin?!

I have so much love for Erica and Ashleigh. My pregnancy journey started at Women's Care of Florida and it was just one big disappointment after another. I was referred to Clover Leaf by someone who had Erica by her side during her home birth. I met Erica and Ashleigh via zoom to understand the process and see if we would vibe and the rest is history.

These two absolutely feel like life long friends/family. The hours we would spend sitting on my couch not only going through all things pregnancy but also laughing and getting to know each other on a real level. I felt prepared to do a home birth and knew I was in good hands.

I had a beautiful home birth that soon turned into our worst nightmare…a uterine inversion. Something no one would be able to predict or prevent. They remained calm, they acted fast, and they absolutely saved my life. They stayed by my side till they knew I was okay. They were my family when I had no one else around. We just finished up my final postpartum care and I’m going to miss seeing their beautiful faces in my home so frequently. I can already say if another pregnancy is in my future, they will be the first people I call for my care.

I can’t recommend Clover Leaf enough and I’ll never shut up about how amazing my experience was with them <3

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